MalGari Social Media: How it’s Empowering Afghanistan’s Digital Generation

As the world becomes increasingly digital, social media has become a powerful tool for people to connect, share information, and build communities. In Afghanistan, where traditional media is often censored or controlled by the government, social media has become a critical platform for free expression, particularly among the country’s youth. One social media platform that […]

Ulearna Online Learning Platform: Revolutionizing the Way We Learn

In the digital age, where technology is rapidly advancing and information is more accessible than ever, online learning has become a popular alternative to traditional classroom education. With the global pandemic forcing many educational institutions to shift to online learning, the demand for online learning platforms has skyrocketed. One such platform that has gained popularity […]

Exploring the Afghan Job Market: Challenges, Opportunities, and In-Demand Careers

Afghanistan has been dealing with decades of conflict and political instability, which has led to a challenging job market for its citizens. The unemployment rate in Afghanistan is one of the highest in the world, with an estimated 11 million Afghans in need of jobs. Despite these challenges, there are also opportunities in certain sectors […]

AWCC: The Success Story of Bringing Reliable and Affordable Mobile Services to Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been a war-torn country for decades. Despite the chaos and instability, the Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) has emerged as a remarkable success story. AWCC has been able to provide reliable and affordable mobile phone services to millions of Afghans. In this article, we will take a closer look at the success story […]

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